Personal Development

4Aspects Journal programs Offered in:

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  • Couple
  • Family
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  • Essential Community Elder
  • Counseling/Coaching
  • The 4Aspects™ is based on the concept of balance through appropriate relationship with four Aspects (parts) of our lives: Personal, Family, Professional, and Social.

    The basic assumption of the 4Aspects is:
    The more balanced we are, the less time and energy we waste, and the more healthy and fulfilling our lives become.

    The purpose of the 4Aspects™ is to create success, balance, and passion through developing greater self-awareness and by bringing clarity of intention and purpose.

    4Aspects™ Journal Program

    “A program for achieving radical success, balance, and passion, in everyday life -- in 30 days. Like a compass, the journal process shows you where you are and points you toward your real purpose.”

    4Aspects™ LLC is proud to introduce the 4Aspects™ Journal Program. The 4Aspects™ Journal is a 30 day program of daily journaling, competency mapping, goal setting, and weekly coaching that is customized to meet the specific needs of the organization and the individual.

    The 4Aspects ™ Journal creates balance through awareness. It teaches you how to be fully present, how to listen to your own natural wisdom, the wisdom that comes from your essence, or real self. The 4Aspects™ teaches us how to break away from the momentum of our old habits and conditioning. It teaches us how to be fully present, and how to listen to our own natural wisdom. The 4Aspects™ can be soulful work that supports our spirituality by aligning our daily behaviors with our higher values. The 4Aspects™ Journal works as a self-evaluating journal process. It employs open-ended questions, charting, logging, goal setting, strategic planning, and support tools. It has proven success with organizations, leadership and staff development, team building, families, couples, and individuals.