4Aspects™, LLC - Established 1996. We have a highly trained staff of multi-cultural Psychologists, Psychotherapist, MBA’s, Social Scientists, Researchers, Educators, Coaches, Mediators, and Trainers, eminently qualified for the work at hand.

4Aspects™ Skills for Success

4Aspects™ Skills for Success believes it is imperative to address the injustice that the economically disadvantaged, people of color, LGBT, at-risk youth and families experience from being marginalized in mainstream society on a daily basis. 4ASFS will use a proven holistic approach in all aspects of the curriculum, to governance, to student discipline. We require that everyone in our "community" (students, teachers, staff, and parents) must practice and demonstrate self-respect, healthy boundaries and embrace diversity.

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Essential Leadership™ Development

4Aspects Servant Leadership Development program is a performance mapping program. It is customized to meet the specific, individual needs of the executive. The building blocks of the program are leadership competencies—the qualities and abilities needed to complete a goal or task within a given structure. They are the behaviors, beliefs, and/or attitudes that differentiate effective and efficient leaders from ineffective and inefficient ones.

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Organization Development and Transformation

4Aspects is an Organization Development and Transformation company that understands transition and its effects on culture and staff morale. Any organization study will stimulate transition. We also understand the importance of fostering trust, ownership, and professionalism. All this must be done with respect to the needs of the organizations culture, leadership, management, and staff.

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Personal Development

All of us want real meaning in our lives, to be connected to something greater than ourselves. We suffer when we feel we’re just going through the motions. We long for unconditional love and purpose and have few examples of people who have found them. So, we keep pushing through our daily lives in hope that somehow, someway, we’ll awaken to the astonishing beauty that our life holds for us. That we’ll wake up and become present in time to understand our purpose and experience our true potential.

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