Lynn Fair -
Principal Aurora Central High School

“Many of the students who were struggling are now on track and I personally credit the 4Aspects Skills For Success program with their turnaround”.


“I used to believe that when god made me he made a mistake. So I trapped myself in a world where that’s all I understood & all I ever heard.”


I never met my dad and my mom is in jail. She was a crack ho. This is the first time I’ve ever thought I might be something.

Regina Huerter -
Executive Director Crime Prevention & Control Commission

"...4Aspects Skills for Success have made and continue to make, measurable impacts on truancy reduction and gang prevention with emphases on character building, tolerance and parent leadership".

Dr. Roger Fransecky

“...challenging and inspirational... the 4Aspects challenges our deepest truths... about how we invest our time, how we celebrate our life journey, how we live ... The daily logging kept me honest, and helped me “map” the space between intention and action...As a psychologist, I found the process in daily journaling and self-reflection to be consistent with my work as an executive coach and counselor. The process has sound psychological foundations and a valid developmental approach.”

Stacy N.

“ My experience with the 4Aspects program has been incredible. After thirteen years of traditional therapy, I felt stuck in my growth process. The 4Aspects has presented an entirely different approach of healing and learning. I’ve enjoyed the way the 4Aspects program has demanded me to be present through my growing process and how the program toggled my memory daily as to intentions for growth.”