4Aspects™ Essential Leadership Development

The building blocks of the program are leadership competencies—the qualities and abilities needed to complete a goal or task, keystone the program. Effective leaders stand out because their beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes strengthen their competencies. Conversely ineffective leaders struggle with those same qualities.

The 4Aspects Essential Leadership™ program customizes the leader’s needs by:

  • Identifying and defining the competencies to be tracked.
  • Mapping these competencies against performance objectives and/or organizational goals.
  • Tracking and supporting these competencies daily.
  • Habits, conditioning, and defenses may impede the leader’s judgment in two ways; first, they protect unbeneficial behaviors and beliefs; second they sabotage best efforts and goals. The 4Aspect brings new awareness to areas that stall executive development, examines those areas, and provides a process that creates new insight for leadership. The program shows where you are, where you want to be, and gives you the tool for the journey.


    The purpose of the 4Aspects Essential Leadership™ Program is to bridge the performance gap by:
  • Helping to prepare our leaders to meet demanding challenges.
  • Examining existing belief maps, and restructuring out dated and unbeneficial beliefs.
  • Combining leadership and self-development.
  • Emphasizing that the purpose of the leader is to lead. The essence of the leader should be the guiding force that strategically directs the organization in achieving its mission and vision.
  • Objectives

    The objectives of the 4Aspects Essential Leadership™ program are as follows: The participant will utilize a customized and subjective method to improve performance by:

  • Defining at least four competencies for the 4Aspects professional quadrant.
  • Creating at least one objective or goal for every competency.
  • Tracking competencies and objectives on the 4Aspects mapping form once daily for 30 days.
  • Entering thoughts on the competencies and objectives in a daily journal.
  • Essential Leadership™ Programs

    The 4Aspects LLC offers two distinct program that support leaders and executives. Both programs use the 4Aspects Journal process:

  • Executive Coaching is a minimum thirty day coaching program, based on need. It may be ongoing and repeated as often as needed to accomplish the desired goals.
  • Essential Leadership Development™ is a minimum twelve month competency program. It is designed to meet individual as well as organization needs.