Organization Development and Transformation

Our cultural transition is having profound effects on our organizations, institutions and workforce. Transition is movement, it is the passing from one stage or activity to another, it is the passing from one phase to another. This movement is generally a shift away from the known, with all of its advantages, familiarity and security's, towards the unknown, with all of its questions, fears and insecurities. These fears and insecurities often cause the transitional process to be chaotic, causing disorder and confusion amongst our leaders and employees.

Getting and keeping good employees is an issue; even in today’s economy. People want to work for a company with a compelling future, a strong vision, something they can buy into. Chaos, disorder, and confusion will not attract quality professionals, and it does not support organizational effectiveness. Organization must create a culture that supports creativity, productivity, and loyalty.

4Aspects™ Organization Development and Transformation program offers:

  • Organization Diagnosis & Intervention
  • Work Culture Transition
  • Team Building
  • Staff Development
  • Staff Counseling/Coaching
  • Purpose

    The purpose of the 4Aspects Organizational Development program is to bridges the gap between where you are and where you should, want to be. It does by:
  • Identifies and defines organizational needs and goals.
  • Diagnosis and interventions; to meet objective and/or organizational goals.
  • Tracks and supports new learning modalities.
  • Brings in new, and supportive awareness to the organizations culture.
  • Support organizations /institutions in creating healthier and more efficient cultures.
  • Preparing organizations/institutions to meet demanding new challenges; without burning out their staff, or sacrificing their relationship with the community.
  • Combining professional development and personal development.
  • Facilitates the alignment of mission and vision to strategically direct the organization/institution in achieving its mission, purpose and vision.
  • Developing a systemic method of managing the organizations culture.
  • Examine existing belief maps, and to help restructure out dated and unbeneficial beliefs.