4Aspects Personal Development & 4Aspects Journal Program

Most of you want real meaning in your lives, and you suffer when you’re just going through the motions. In our culture we’ve replaced meaning with superficial doing. Most of the conflict and discomfort you experience results from being out of balance with your higher values and your humanity. Relieving the pain begins when you become present with your life, when you stop the meaningless doing, and make real balance a priority.

In today's Western society you are taught to leave your intrinsic qualities behind. You are conditioned to learn to present yourself outside of your natural core. The socially accepted forms can dictate to you what your life and purpose for living should be about. On a more subtle level they can dictate your judgments, likes or dislikes.

The 4Aspects™ Personal Development basic assumption is: the more present you are, the less time and energy you waste. Your life become more fulfilling as a result of being present and your choices become more conscious. The 4Aspects™ Personal Development program offers: Individual, couple, family, and group counseling and coaching; Essential Community Elder.

The balance achieved with the process is directly related to the level of intimacy created with each Aspect and the responsible action that grows out of that intimacy.

4Aspects Journal

The 4Aspects works as a self-evaluating journal process. It employs open-ended questions, charting, logging, goal setting, strategic planning, and support tools. It has proven success with organizations, leadership and staff development, team building, families, couples, and individuals.

4Aspects Journal Purpose

  • To create balance, insight, and communication between your Personal, Family, Professional, and Social Aspects.
  • To create greater life energy, creativity, and intimacy in your daily experience.
  • To provide new insight and awareness about where you are in your life.
  • To provide tools for exploring the your future and your dreams, to help you create. the life you want, the one you should be living.
  • To create greater awareness and a higher quality of life.

  • The 4Aspects ™ Journal bridges the gap between emotional and rational intelligences, with daily, self-evaluating logging, charting, journaling and goal setting. The 4Aspects™ process brings awareness to our Personal, Family, Professional, and Social life. How? By teaching us how to listening to ourselves, and through daily examination of our needs, motivations and desires.

    4Aspects™ Journal has four applications

  • Leadership Development
  • Organization Development
  • Personal Development
  • Skill for Success
  • "The balance and awareness achieved is directly related to the level of intimacy we have with each Aspect and how responsible we are with our actions."

    The 4Aspects™’ basic assumption is:

    the more balanced we are, the less time and energy we waste. Our lives become more fulfilling as a result of balance.

    4Aspects™ Journal is available for $55.00 plus shipping (includes: journal workbook, 4A char, daily & weekly logs 4A questionnaire, and four stage competency)